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SELinux Policy Editor in brief

The SELinux Policy Editor is designed to make SELinux easier to use.  The following is an example policy for Apache using SPDL.
domain httpd_t;
program /usr/sbin/httpd;
allow /var/www/** r,s;
allownet -protocol tcp -port 80 server;
Type is not used. You can use file names and port numbers for configuration.


2006/07 Version 2.0
Re-design/Re-implementation by Yuichi Nakamura at the George Washington University.
2006/03/01 Presentation at SELinux Symposium 2006
2005/09/02 Version 1.2
2005/07/18 Version 1.0
2005/05/31 Development moved to sourceforge and the SELinux Policy Editor Project was officially launched by Yuichi Nakamura, Takefumi Onabuta and Hideaki Saisho
2005/03/03 Presentation at SELinux Symposium 2005
2003/02 First release by Hitachi Software

Past authors
  • Yuichi Nakamura
    Chief developer.
  • Shane Martin Coughlan
    Website design, usability tweaks, European promotion.
  • Hitachi Software Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • Developed original version.
  • Takefumi Onabuta
  • Worked on the update for Fedora Core 2, designed project's original homepage, helped launch project.
Special thanks
  • Experimental Networked Systems Lab at The George Washington University
  • Provided development space.
  • Hideaki Saisho @ Hitachi Software Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • Helped to launch project.
  • Ryuichi Isono
  • Webmaster of Japanese site.
  • Takuto Yamaguchi @ Okayama University
  • Contributed to the Japanese translation of the web site.
  • Turbo Linux,Inc
    Donated Turbo Linux 10 Server to us.

SELinux Policy Editor is Free Software released under the GNU GPL license.
Copyright 2005-2006 SELinux Policy Editor Project