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This project is not maintained now. This site and code exist only for reference.

SELinux Policy Editor (SEEdit) is a tool to make SELinux policies easy to apply. It was originally developed by Hitachi Software.

A screenshot of the GUI SEEdit uses something called a Simplified Policy. This is described by the Simplified Policy Description Language (SPDL). It uses simple name-based configration and reduces the number of permissions required to get everything working.

SEEdit has a graphical interface to generate Simplified Policies. This means that adminstrators do not have to remember syntax of the language. Command line tools are also included in the package.

You can try SELinux Policy Editor on Fedora Core 6,7,8 or CentOS 4, Cent OS5.  It will not affect existing SELinux policies so it is possible to revert to the default settings easily.

Project news:
2008/08/27  Presentations about seedit
 * Presenatation at Linux Symposium 2008. Paper is available here.
 * Presentation at Embedded Linux Conference 2008. Article in lwn.net.
  Svn is updated since last release.

2007/11/19 2.2.0 released
    1) Policy development for embedded device support.
        You can develop policy for embedded devices. See here for detail.
    2) Improved SPDL compiler.
         seedit-conveter(Program that convert SPDL to selinux policy)
         does not use local file information, labeling rule has been changed.
         By that, you can cross-develop policy for embedded devices.
         For non-embedded people,  
         speed to convert SPDL to SELinux policy has become faster.
     3) Support for CentOS5 and, Fedora 8.
  Get SEEdit from here

2007/05/25 2.1.2 released
  For now, install packages are available for Cent OS5. please wait for other distros.
  Get SEEdit from here
     - Support for memory protection permissions.(execmem, execstack, execheap for allowpriv, and m(execmod) file permission.)
     - Bug fixes for RBAC support

2007/02/26 2.1.0 released!
  - Now available from Fedora Extras !
     - Improved rpm package, thanks to reviewers in Fedora Extras!!!
  - Get SEEdit from here!
 Changed mailing list from sourceforge to opendawn.com.
 New list is here!

2007/01/19 New logo
Thanks to Miyuki Awa!

2007/01/11  2.1 beta6
  - Modified rpm spec file for proposal to Fedora Project.
  - Changed package name. seedit-converter -> seedit
  - No other fixes from beta5.

2007/01/06  2.1 beta 5 and Some updates
* 2.1 beta 5 for CentOS4 and Fedora Core6
  - Fixed bug in policy generation tool
  - Added "Generate more policy" button to domain management GUI.
* An abbreviation of SELinux Policy Editor is now "SEEdit". It was "seedit".
* Updated documentation
  - Japanese Documentation about SPDL is added
* Japanese article appeared at @IT .

2006/11/11 2.1 beta 4 for Fedora Core 6
Modified install path. Some bug fixes.

2006/10/26 2.1 beta 3 for Fedora Core 6
It works on Fedora Core 6.
We are going to support only latest Fedora, for Fedora Core.
For Cent OS, we are going to support Cent OS4.

2006/10/21 2.1 beta2 for Fedora Core5
Please use beta2, for Fedora Core 5 user !
beta1 does not work with recent yum update.

2006/10/19 2.1.0-b1 for Fedora Core 5, 6(test3)
This is beta version,  but it works on  latest SELinux.
 *  Changes
  - Updated for kernel 2.6.18.  
    -Add allowkey to control access to key subsystem.
    - Add dummy rules for secmark. Current seedit does not support secmark.
    - Minimum MCS support(Only controls file  access)
  - Generate modulrar policy
  - Icon update

If you  upgrade from 2.0, please uninstall old version at first.
2006/10/07 New English website launched

2006/09/19 2.0.1 for Cent OS 4
Bug fixes for Cent OS 4.

2006/07/05 2.0 is ready!
To download SELinux Policy Editor click here.
To read documentation for SELinux Policy Editor click here.
To see some screenshots click here.

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SELinux Policy Editor is Free Software released under the GNU GPL license.
Copyright 2005-2007 SELinux Policy Editor Project