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Old news items:

2006/6/28 2.0.0 RC1

2006/6/15 2.0.0 b5

2006/5/30 2.0.0 b4
RBAC is supported.

2006/5/23 2.0.0.b3

2006/05/15 2.0.0.b1

2006/05/11 1.4.0-test4

2006/05/05 1.4.0-test3

2006/04/21 Version 1.4.0 test1
Preview version, documentation is not completed yet.
See here . 2006/02/02 Version 1.3.2
Simplified policy supports XML format.
applications for simplified policy (such as GUI) can be easily developped using the XML support.
For detail, see here (README_XML)
Next, we are going to develop GUI.
Go to download page:click here

2006/01/17 Version 1.3.1 released!
We've released ver 1.3.1.GUI is not included now. GUI will be re-developped.
It is development version, may be unstable.
And works only in Fedora Core4.
(1) Changes from 1.2
* audit2spdl utility
It works like audit2allow, very useful.
You do not have to remember detailed syntax of simplified policy!
* Detailed permission for files support
For users want more security, new permission a(Append),t(seTattr),
c(Create), e(Erace),o(Overwrite) can be used now.
* Documentation
Documentation about what permissions are integrated, unsupported is prepared.
Security of Simplified Policy is more clear.
See here
* Auto-generation of above document using XML/Python
(2) How to use
First get seedit-converter-1.3.1-1.i386.rpm and seedit-policy-1.3.1-FC4.noarch.rpm from here.
How to install is the same as 1.2.
See here
Manual is here
(3) Plan
- XML support to be handled easily by UI tools
- New GUI
- More review of security of simplified policy

2005/12/26 Attention on Fedora Core 4
Current version(1.2.0) has a problem in yum updated Fedora Core 4.
Copy this file to /etc/selinux/seedit/src/policy .

2005/12/25 Document is updated
We are reviewing SELinux permissions, the result is available below.

2005/09/02 Version 1.2
Changes from 1.0.0
(1) Implementation to support different distributions.
- Supports Fedora Core4, TurboLinux 10Server, Asianux2.0.
(2) Meta policy(Policy for developpers)
(3) Reviewd and modified Simplified Policy Language
- "allowfs" support to control access to
arbitary filesystems that does not support xattr.
- changed allowproc
only allowproc -self|-other
- "allow dir exclusive -all permissions" support.
- Improved flexibility of generated policy.
All most all generated policy now uses macros in macros/*.te.
- Improved flexibility of converter
By base_policy/converter.conf.
- Changed name of converter exectable file
Now the name is "seedit-converter"
- Dynamic domain transition support.
By "domain_trans domain name ".
- allowkernel/allowpriv/allowseop Support
- allowadm is not used
Use allowpriv/allowseop/allowkernel instead.
- allownet -netlink is not used
Use allowkernel netlink instead.
- Add more sample poilcy
- deleted allowtmpfs rule. Use allowfs instead.
(4) Updated documentation for 1.2

2005/07/18 Version 1.0 released!
Updated for Fedora Core 4 and 3.
Separated GUI and simplified policy.
Simplified Policy now works without GUI
Removed distribution dependent codes.
Created RPM packages.
Updated documents, created contributors page.

2005/05/31: SELinux Policy Editor Project has started.
Current release(20050215) is developed for demo in SELinux Symposium 2005. It works only on Fedora Core 2.  We made sure only apache, sshd, webmin work. We are developping for  Fedore Core 3.

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SELinux Policy Editor is Free Software released under the GNU GPL license.
Copyright 2005-2006 SELinux Policy Editor Project